Our heritage: History, Culture, Traditions, Science and Technology in Spain and France

We have two key objectives part of this project: - International heritage: Culture and traditions Europe has a common history that is present in its culture. We want to find common places and differences in Spain and France. Arab interactions are also important in our history and are present in several of our students - CLIL and STEM As part of this project we want improve our knowledge and experience teaching Science, Technology, Engineering subjects and Mathematics (STEM) under a Content and Language Integrated Learning framework Funds will permit us create a solid framework that will confirm our bilateral commitment. - The school in France teaches Spanish. IES Pedro de Tolosa is trilingual school in English and French. German is not offered as a language in Spain. The students that take part in the exchanges are mostly 16 years old.

Co-funded by the

Erasmus + programme

of the European Union